Brands: Accounting + Payments

Pod takes care of invoicing and payments for you.



Access your monthly statements on your Dashboard via Payments > Monthly Statements. Statements reflect all activity in one place: orders, fees, credit memos, net proceeds and payments. Your payout is equal to the Ending Balance at the bottom of your statement. 


Pod Foods make payments to brands via Stripe Connect. In order to receive your payments, you are required to connect to Stripe via your Pod Foods vendor dashboard, under Settings > Payments > Payouts. Pod Foods is not responsible for any late payments if you do not complete the connection to Stripe.

Beginning May 30, 2024, Pod Foods will no longer make ACH payments unless otherwise agreed. ACH and wire transfers may take up to a week to be processed.

Please contact [email protected] if you encounter any difficulties with your Stripe connection.


Brands receive two payouts each month. On the 15th of the month, a payout is initiated for the prior month's first half statement activity (1st - 15th), and on the last day of the month a payout will be initiated for the prior month's second half remaining statement activity (16th - end of month).

Please note:

  • Statement activity is based on order POD confirmation, not the delivery date. POD confirmation can take place up to 10 business days following the delivery of an order.

  • If an order is shipped partially and there are multiple shipments within a single order, payout is based on the POD of the last fulfilled shipment. Dates can be verified within the Finances tool in the Vendor Dashboard under Monthly Statements.

You are able to view the previous month's statement activity on the 10th of every month for expectations on payout dates in the current month. This can be accessed in your Dashboard in the Finances Tab under the subsection: Monthly Statements

If you are a Pod Express Brand: Storage/handling fees will continue to be added to your statement on the last day of the month and therefore will be subtracted from the 2nd payout of the subsequent month.

Brand statements are finalized and made available to brands on the 10th of every month for the prior month's statement. There you will be able to see the amount of each payout.

If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with [email protected] and cc your category manager

Please note: you will not invoice Pod Foods or the buyer companies to receive payment. Pod Foods will initiate payment based on the monthly statement breakdown. 




Your Service Fee is 8% of your Pod Direct price/your price to the retailer. You set prices on Pod by region or retailer, and we never mark up your prices! Please note your Pod Direct regional prices are inclusive of shipping costs to all retailers in that respective region. 


For Pod Express service fees, please refer to our website. If you have specific questions, please email [email protected]


Please note that international vendors without a US bank account will not be able to be paid via our normal Stripe transfer. We offer wire transfers for a $30 fee. Alternatively, we recommend opening a US bank account via Wise.


As part of the discontinuation process, we will partially withhold payment for at least 30 days if: a. Brand is participating in a scan promotion at the time of discontinuation. b. Billback invoices for promotions have not yet been received from the retailers. c. Brand has a guaranteed sales arrangement with the retailer. Please note that Pod Foods requires the brand to disclose all promotions and agreements with the retailer at any time during the normal course of business. We reserve the right to withhold payment at any time to cover the cost of any in-store promotions.

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