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Fast funding

Fast funding

Receive pre-approved offers from us and get funded as fast as one business day.

Flexible ters

Flexible terms

Get multiple offers based on your cash flow and business history with us, and then choose the one that works best for you.

Easy repayment

Easy repayment

Automated and flexible monthly repayment that you can easily access at your fingertips.

How it works

Fast onboarding

  1. Confirm personal details

    We need your personal details to soft pull your credit report

  2. Confirm business details

    We need your business details to pull your business credit report

  3. Connect business bank accounts

    We need access to your business bank account to automate disbursement and repayments. Additionally we need details of your bank transactions to analyze your cashflow

  4. Connect personal bank accounts

    We need access to your personal bank account to verify your identity and analyze your cashflow as the owner as the business

  5. Connect accounting program

    We need access to your accounting program to generate financials for your business. No need to send email us any statements!

  6. Provide details of existing debt

    Give us information about your existing debt. We use this in underwriting

  7. Provide details of your co-owners

    Give us information about your co-owners. We use this in underwriting

  8. Provide consent

    Accept our terms of service and consent to soft pull credit report

  9. Finished!

    You are done - under 10 minutes. We will get back to you with offers in 48 hours

Quick offer process

  1. View offers

    We will present multiple offers for your business

  2. Select offer

    Select the offer that best fits your needs

  3. E-sign legal documents

    E-sign all the legal documents within the application within minutes

  4. Verify personal identity

    Verify your personal identity. We need this verification for compliance purposes

  5. Verify business identity

    Verify your business identity. We need this verification for compliance purposes

  6. Finished!

    You are done - under 10 minutes. We will get disburse funds to your bank account automatically within 24 hours

  7. Automatic repayments

    We will auto pull repayments from your bank account. No checks to mail!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I learn more?

Here is a one pager that provides more detail:
Pod Foods Capital Term Loan

How do you determine my business’s loan offer?
Why do I need to provide my bank connection details?
Does enrolling in the program affect my credit score?
When should I expect to receive a loan offer?
How do I repay the loan?
Can I prepay my loan?
How do I track my outstanding balance and payment history?
Are there any late fees?
What is Kanmon?

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