Brand Highlight –Toodaloo

Today, we’re thrilled to highlight one of our exciting brands, Toodaloo!

‍Since our first day, Pod Foods has continued to work hard to provide emerging and better-for-you brands a platform to get placement in mainstream grocery retailers. With our full-service wholesale B2B marketplace, we look to bridge the gap between emerging brands such as Toodaloo, a leader in the trendy and nutritional snack movement, and the retail grocery outlets that are constantly looking for the next best thing. Our network of warehouses allows for all 4 of Toodaloo’s artisanal trail mix flavors to be ordered by any retail grocer across the country who wishes to put them on a shelf!‍

Cattie Khoury, an Environmentalist, Nutritionist, and founder of Toodaloo was body-shamed growing up and after losing her father to heart disease decided to take a stand against giant food corporations and create a healthy snacking alternative.‍

“We can say Toodaloo to the harmful snacking of the past that has left us and our planet sick,” says Khoury. “ It is time we step into a better future where our food heals us. We can have ridiculously tasty snacks that fight climate change, help end plastic pollution, and restore balance to our bodies, minds, spirits, and planet.”

‍Every Toodaloo product is loaded with sprouted nuts, organic superfruits, and a unique blend of adaptogens giving each a functional benefit like focus, energy, skin, and gut health. In researching trends for our recent 2021 State of Grocery Report, we found that consumer loyalties are switching with 36% of consumers trying new brands and a 2x growth rate for products containing nuts from our top 10 brands which means brands like Toodaloo are primed for continued growth with our support!‍

“We are thrilled to introduce Toodaloo’s exciting product lineup to our network of retailers and we were also very moved by the founder’s story about why she started on this journey to create the brand.” said Co-Founder of Pod Foods, Fiona Lee. “We’re committed to expanding Toodaloo’s reach and helping consumers in every corner of the country get their hands on these delicious snacks!”

‍At Pod Foods, we continue to provide unique and specialty products with a way to enter untapped markets. Not only do we look to help lift up emerging brands, but grow and collaborate to bring consumers better-for-you snacks. With Pod Foods, Toodaloo is able to expand its product reach with a retailer network that spans the country.‍

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