Brand Highlight — ChipMonk Baking

We’re thrilled to highlight another brand we partner with, ChipMonk Baking!

‍We love ChipMonk because of its similarity to our first company, Green Pea Cookies. ChipMonk’s health-conscious dessert options such as their Keto Cookies show that you can indulge in something sweet and still stay mindful of your health! We have worked closely with smaller brands like ChipMonk to get their products onto the shelves of larger retailers to provide a wider variety to customers.‍

Retailers can take advantage of our marketplace full of better-for-you brands available. ChipMonk shares in Pod Food’s goal to bring healthier alternatives to local grocery store shelves. Pod Foods stocks both ChipMonk’s Keto Cookie Bites and Keto Cookies made with gluten-free flour.‍

“Finding healthy and good tasting alternatives has always been difficult, but companies like Pod Foods are facilitating the access of these foods to the people looking for them. We’re excited to be a part of their Pod Direct program as it lets us connect with the stores that our customers shop in.”

ChipMonk Baking products are all created for those who are conscious of their sugar intake, specifically considering the millions of people struggling with diabetes.

‍Their sweet treats are low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly (they use alternative ingredients like almond flour and allulose and monk fruit as natural sweeteners instead of sugar!). We found in our 2021 State of Grocery Report, that with “sugar-free” becoming popular among the health-focused, artificial sweeteners can be deemed unfamiliar. ChipMonk is poised to make a huge splash in 2022 with their naturally sweet sugar-free treats.‍

“ChipMonk shares in our goal to provide better-for-you products with their all-natural ingredients, and that is just one of the many reasons that we love working with them. We found Jose’s story to be incredibly inspiring, and we’d love to make these tasty desserts more available nationwide so that less people will have to let their diet impact their current lifestyle,” said Pod Foods team member, Linh Pham.

‍It’s important to us that we highlight brands that not only support us but those that are also expanding with Pod Foods. ChipMonk partners with us through Pod Direct, our drop-ship method, which allows brands to reach a variety of fantastic retailers that don’t require consolidated delivery. Through Pod Direct, ChipMonk Baking products are available across the country.‍

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